As you know our courthouse sustained major water damage this past week. All computers in my office and our server have been moved into a dehumidifying chamber to preserve them. The process will be complete on 2/24/2021 and we will begin moving to the Landmark building in downtown Texarkana. This is a temporary move but may last up to a year. I wish I could give an accurate timeframe of when we will be up and running but I simply can’t. I can tell you that my hope is to be up and running by the end of the week.
Please know my staff and I have been working day and night to get everything packed up and moved to our new location. Please have patience with us during this process. I know this may be an inconvenience for you and I am truly sorry. This was completely out of our control. Our main goal is to serve you and we hope to be able to do that soon!
I can be reached at [email protected]


We are here to assist you with your tax questions and concerns and to make paying your taxes as easy as possible. You may pay your current taxes from March 1st through October 15th.

Penalties, interest and cost will be added after the tax deadline. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday you will have until the following business day to pay your taxes without penalties or interest. You may pay your taxes in person at our office, by mail or online.

If you choose to use our on line payment a portal fee will be added to your debit or credit card transaction. The collector’s office does not receive any portion of this fee. I encourage you to mail in your check before or on October 15th to avoid any penalties or interest.

Thank you,

Laura Bates
Miller County Collector

Laura Bates

Laura Bates

Miller County Tax Collector


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