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Position: Deputy Collector
The Deputy Collector will work with the public, taxpayers, veterans, abstract companies, real estate offices, appraisers, banks, mortgage companies, Miller County Assessor’s Office, State Land Commissioners Office, US Bankruptcy court, attorneys, county employees, and Elected Officials either in person, by phone, mail, email, or fax.
This position includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities: will need to learn Arkansas Code and laws governing delinquent and current personal and real estate taxes, DAV laws, special taxes, County Policy, and the Collector’s Office Policy.
The right candidate must have good communication skills with the public and interoffice, be willing to perform any assigned duties, a fast learner, self-starter, able to multitask and make note of important details while performing a task. Must have ability to assess and review taxpayer statements/issues accurately and have excellent payment processing and money handling experience.
To apply please pick up application in the Collector’s Office
Administrative AsstType 80 WPM, good written/oral communication skills, knowledge to Microsoft Word & Excel5/1/202115.00/hr